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The School Day


 Please see here for FAQ regarding our procedures

Drop offs and Collections

Map of Locations for pick up and drop off here


Nursery School session times are:

Morning session:         8.30am until 11.30am

Afternoon session:    12.30pm until 3.30pm

All Day sessions:          8.30am until 3.30pm

To facilitate the drop off and pick up of children in different years, the Nursery will operate a 'soft' opening and closing. 

Gates will be open from 8.30-8.40am for morning session and full time drop off.

Gates will be open from 12.30-12.40pm for afternoon session drop off

Gates will be open from 11.15-11.30am for morning session collection

Gates will be open from 3.15pm-3.30pm for afternoon and full time collection



Gates will open at 8.55am and shut at 9.10am for dropping off.

Gates will open for collection at 3.05pm


Key Stage One (Year 1 and Year 2)

The School day begins at 9.10am for the main school and ends at 3.15pm.

Gates will open at 9.00am and close at 9.10am for dropping off.

Gates will open for collection at 3.10pm.

If you are running late or need someone else to collect your child please let the office know as soon as possible, preferably before 3.00pm so that a message can be given to the teachers in good time. 


Lunch times

Lunchtime for Reception begins at 11.30am and ends at 12.30pm

Y1 lunch begins at 11.45am and ends at 12.45pm

Y2 lunch begins at 12.00pm and ends at 1.00pm.