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What We're Reading

At the end of every school day we have story time, where the children are read to by their teachers.  

Reception and Nursery are reading

Owl Babies, by Martin  Waddell and Patrick Benson. 

Three baby owls, Sarah, Percy and Bill, wake up one night in their hole in a tree to find that their mother has gone. So they sit on a branch and wait... Darkness gathers and the owls grow anxious, wondering when their mother will return. But, at last, she does and they bounce up and down with joy, welcoming her home.


  A read-along version here: 



Year One is reading 

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark                 by Jill Tomlinson, illustrated by Paul Howard

Plop is a baby barn owl, just like any other baby barn owl.  Except... Popl is afraid of the dark.  "Dark is nasty" he says.  Until his parents take him to meet all sorts of folk who like the dark, for all sorts of reasons, and Plop learns that what he thought was scary isn't so bad after all.

Here is a read-along version:


Year 2 have been enjoying the story of

Katie in London by James Mayhew

When Katie and her brother Jack visit London with Grandma, something very unexpected happens . . . One of the Trafalgar Square lions comes to life and takes them on a wonderful tour of all the best sights!





  For the other books that we have read this year, please click the button below!


Other Books we have read this year