Parkhill Infants’ School

Week Two - Zipwire Racers

Week Two - Zipwire Racers! 


This week the children were set the challenge of creating a vehicle for a Lego figure with a loop on top to attach to a pulley, which we attached to a zipwire, and then raced downhill! 


We talked first about how to make a suitable vehicle and what would affect its speed and travelling distance (height, width, weight) and the difference that the angle of the zipwire would make to the vehicle's descent.  One we'd had a think about it, everyone got to work and made some weird and wonderful contraptions to transport their Lego figures in.  Some children chose to work in teams and made some lovely designs.


Everyone learnt a new word - "taut" - as in 'if you don't keep the zipwire taut, your traveller will not go very far or very fast! 

Once everyone had had a first go, we thought about how we could make it better and then made new builds and tested again.  


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