Parkhill Infants’ School

Week Three - Zipwire Racers

Week Three - Zipwire Racers


This week the children were making vehicles for Lego mini figures that were capable of travelling down a zipwire.  The objective was to create a vehicle that would move quickly and smoothly down the zipwire without stopping or falling to pieces when it reached the end! 


Everyone took to the idea straight away and made some fantastic creations.  However, when we got to the testing area, we then found out that some of the vehicles were too heavy, too fragile, had nowhere for the pulley to hook onto, or else travelled very slowly.


This was a great opportunity to discuss different angles and the difference they made to speed/smoothness of travel, balance and gravity.  And the importance of your build being sturdy enough to withstand the landing! 


The children enjoyed testing their creations and making modifications and improvements before testing them again.


We had intended to race the models at the end of the session, but everyone was having so much fun testing and rebuilding that we ran out of time.  Consequently we'll start next week's session with a race, and add some photos when we do! 


Next Week - Earthquake in Lego City!