Parkhill Infants’ School

Week Four - Megaslides

Week Four - Megaslides


This week we challenged the children to work as a team, to create a structure to support a cardboard slide.  We talked about angles, heights, why matching supports needed to be level and sturdy, what factors would make something go fast or slow down the slide, and what kind of a landing would the slider might want to have at the end.  


Once the slides were ready, each child built a car or other vehicle to travel down the slide, and we all tried each team's creations out.  The children learnt to experiment with different heights and angles, leading to some very inventive uses of equipment, as you will see below! Wobbly structures were made stronger, flat structures without much speed were looked at to see how they could give more oomph to the slide, and everyone had great fun.


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