Parkhill Infants’ School

The School Day

The School Day


The School day begins at 9.10am for the main school and ends at 3.15pm. The children will be line up from the playground at 9.05am and be taken to the classroom by a member of staff.


Lunchtime for Reception begins at 12.00pm.

For Y1 and Y2 lunch begins at 12.15pm.

Lunchtime ends at 1.15pm, please bring your children back promptly if they go home for lunch.

Children going home for lunch should be collected from the main gate at 12.00pm or 12.15pm depending on their year group.

Nursery School session times are:

Morning session:       8.45am until 11.45am

Afternoon session:    12.30pm until 3.15-3.30pm