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Internet Safety at Parkhill Infants' School

Internet Safety is something we take very seriously at our school. We have a duty to safeguard our children from any potential harm and this extends to when they are using software in and out of the school. Below are a number of resources which we utilise within our school that may help you to have a healthy dialogue with your child about their computer and internet use. 

2018 Coffee Morning on Internet Safety



CEOP stands for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. It is a body which works with the police to help victims of Internet Crime and to bring internet criminals to justice. They have helped lots of young people through the use of their CEOP button which can be installed on websites. Where children feel at risk of abuse, they can click this button and someone from CEOP will be notified and will work to prevent and deal with any issues. It is truly a valuable tool to have and has been known to spare many from potential danger while also preventing further offences. We strongly urge you to familiarise your children with this tool so they are always aware of help available to them. 


Please see the link for the following information: 

Talking to your children about Internet safety


At Parlkhill, we cover E-Safety vigorously throughout our scheme of work in IT and have an E-Safety Day every year (usually around the first week in February).  Whilst we teach the principles of Online Internet Safety at school, it is important that there is a consistent understanding between children, the school and parents about what behaviour is and is not acceptable when using technology. We highly recommend that you have a discussion with your children about the expectations in this regard and the importance of upholding them. Attached is a questionnaire to complete with your child to enable you to have a constructive discussion on the matter so that rules and expectations can be made clear and referred back to. We have also attached guidance from expert organisations such as the NSPCC and Childnet as regards how to create a safe online environment for your child within the home.  Espresso Education also has very good resources for teaching your child how to be safe online.


Alongside all of these resources, please direct your child and make them familiar with the CEOP button as mentioned above!

TES Magazine Online Safety special- *FOR PARENTS AND ADULTS ONLY*


Here are a list of resources which we use to speak about Internet Safety with the children. We encourage you to look at these resources and perhaps use them as a starting point for a discussion on healthy Internet use.

Internet Safety story books

What can we do to help keep your children safe online?

As a school we are committed to developing and safeguarding your children in every way and welcome your input. Please take some time to give us feedback as to how best we can help you protect your children online. We welcome any suggestions, whether it be a coffee morning for parents, more coverage in the curriculum or further training for staff. We will endeavour to take your responses into account and organise some activities accordingly if time and resources allow.